Chess Lords is an interactive chess learning program where students learn how to play by becoming "living pieces" on a life-size chess board. Chess Lords is also theatrical, in that students will perform choreographed moves while in play.

The purpose of the Chess Lords concept is to create a new dynamic and creative hands-on way students learn the game of chess. By being the pieces themselves students become more involved in the game playing process. Their reasoning and understanding becomes enhanced as they have a greater awareness of the pieces they've learned about and now have become. The overall objective is to develop student's critical thinking skills, strategic and analysis skills, problem solving skills and their inherent creativity that will help mold and shape the futures they've outlined for themselves.

The Chess Lords program is a community program that will consist of a maximum of 128 students that will be separated into 8 different groups. These groups will actually be recognized as chess piece sets. Each piece set will have its own color, name, logo, shirt and choreographed piece formation. Students will learn, practice, and perform basic to advance moves and techniques within their specific group. Practice aids will consist of life-size chess pieces and demonstration chart that will equip and prepare the pieces for actual game play versus each other. The skills developed will come from in-house tournaments designed to produce the sharpest and creative minds. 

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55 La  Salle Street

New York, NY 10027




Staff members are in the office and available weekdays.


08:00 AM - 07:00 PM




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